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Learning Computers with SeniorLink
SeniorLink Computer Learning Centre

"At last, a seniors website, specifically for learning computers!" - Betty T. (Melbourne, Australia)

Computer Club Hi there,

When it comes to learning computers and getting computer help, you need to look no further than SeniorLink's online Computer Learning Centre.

No longer do you need to wade through complicated and confusing textbooks or attend uncomfortable computer classes to learn the basics of your computer.

Our one-stop 'senior friendly' computer learning centre has been specifically designed for you to learn as much as you want about your computer in a painless and friendly environment, particularly as we cater for beginners through to intermediate computer users.

Furthermore, you can do all of your learning in the comfort of your own home and even more importantly on your own computer and it does not matter what corner of the globe you live in, our learning material and tutorials are designed for everybody.

We believe that our online computer learning centre is UNIQUE, (yes, there are lot's of general online and localised computer clubs on the internet), but there is nothing that we have found that has been specifically designed for seniors and people who have not grown up with computers.

In other words, our computer learning centre is definitely 'senior friendly'.

So what does 'senior friendly' mean, I hear you ask?

Well, we…

  • are firstly not expensive to join. Starting at $55 AUD (about $30 US) per year, this is much less than even one decent textbook or computer class
  • make no assumption that you understand any computer jargon. All of our material is written in plain ENGLISH and with no computer jargon
  • make all of our material easy to understand with step by step instructions that follow a logical learning sequence
  • provide easy to follow exercises and tutorials
  • write all of our own learning material, courses and tutorials specifically for people who did not grow up with computers. Our material is written by other seniors or teachers who teach computing to seniors
  • do not make you feel uncomfortable and therefore lose your confidence like classes often do. After all, classes often just reaffirm how much you don't know rather than teach you what you want to know
  • allow you to learn at your own pace and on your own computer. You can download any number of tutorials and user guides whenever you like as there is no set learning timetable
  • cover all versions of Windows, so even if you have Windows 95 or 98, you won't miss out
  • create everything to be printable as we recognise how much you will want to print notes off to read later. Everything is printed in large and easy to read fonts
  • use lots of clear and descriptive diagrams and pictures wherever possible
Bottom line?

We recognise that for you to learn all about your computer as painlessly as possible, we had to create a learning environment that is user friendly and easy to learn from without the fear of being over whelming. We hope that we have achieved this.

But before you commit to registering with us or if you are still unsure, feel free to try before you buy any of the following features that you can find within our learning centre.

I'm happy to start learning computers,
I want to join the Learning Centre NOW!

Click on box below to reveal the full testimonial 

"I think the layout and content of the Seniorlink User Guides is about the best I have seen - either in books, course handouts, Internet tutorials etc."


Click here to see what others say about
our Computer Learning Centre

Ok, I now hear you asking… so what does my $55 annual membership fee to the Computer Learning Centre actually get me?

Well, when you join our Computer Learning Centre, you get access to the centre's very own exclusive “Member's Only” website that has (but not limited to) the following features:

  • over 80 User Guides ('Here's How to' lessons) on Internet, Windows, Word Email and Publisher basics. All downloadable and printable
  • hundreds of recent software reviews, all written with your interests in mind
  • dozens of mini tutorials or quick tips that cover those often forgotten little steps or procedures
  • exclusive question and answer forum that gives you the chance to ask any question that you like without feeling uncomfortable
  • 'members only' newsletter which is full of hints, tip and advice on how to master your computer
  • comprehensive short email courses (short course delivered via email) on a range of popular topics including how to change your ISP easily and effortlessly
  • HELP desk where you can ask our 'experts' questions on how to master your computer. All questions are via email
  • free downloads that we have researched and found to be safe and worthwhile downloading
  • latest virus information that helps you keep ahead of the latest 'virus outbreaks'. As a special service, we provide virus alerts to our members BEFORE you hear about it on the news and help you stay informed, updated and protected
  • plus much, much more. We adding new features every month
You get all of this for an annual fee of $55.00 AUD (inc GST).

Click on box below to reveal the full testimonial 

"Many, many thanks for the "Here's How To" tutorial / downloads. What a brilliant concept...I have thrown out all my books containing the relevant info."


Click here to see what others say about
our Computer Learning Centre

We believe that for the same amount of information that is available at our Computer Learning Centre, if you were to buy textbooks, or attend classes, it would cost you at least 5-6 times as much. That adds up to approximately $400 worth of value.

When you look at it that way, $55 AUD is not a big price to pay to learn all about your computer. Don't you agree?

Want a guarantee as well? We offer a 'no questions asked' refund policy, if you are in any way unhappy with your membership.

For more details, click here
for our Money-Back Guarantee

OK, I'd like to join the Computer
Learning Centre NOW!

Anyway, if your still undecided, no problems, you might like to subscribe to our Free Monthly Newsletter and receive valuable computer tips and tricks that no textbook that you can buy will show you.

Either way, thank you for getting this far and I hope to meet you in our in our Computer Learning Centre one day.

Cheers – Deanne McCrea

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