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About Us

"SeniorLink is a company dedicated to making life in the golden years from 50 onwards even more enjoyable."
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Where It All Began

When Andrew Campbell's 68 year old Mother-in-Law became wheelchair bound because of the pain of post-polio syndrome, the first place he turned to for information was the Internet. Intrigued by the amount of information and support groups available on the Net, his Mother-in-Law insisted he give her computer lessons.

And so was born SeniorLink, a NSW-based company with eyes on nationwide expansion, is focussed on unravelling the mysteries of computers for the over 50's by providing a mobile one-on-one training service - and an information-filled web site.

"People of all ages are hesitant about learning new technology," said Managing Director, Andrew Campbell. "But we've found that by removing the barriers to learning, and by offering one-on-one training in homes and offices, most people jump at the chance to develop and use their new skills."

The Internet offers amazing opportunities for those over 50. Not only does it have a world of information at the touch of a button, but it allows users to easily stay in touch with relatives, research family trees, start a home-based business, manage investments, make new friends and so much more.

Many over 50's have never used a computer in their life so it is quite startling to realise that Seniors are actually the fastest growing audience on-line.

"The Internet really is a great addition to the lives of Seniors," said Mr Campbell. "It can be used for information, entertainment and interactions. SeniorLink is there to show people how easy it is to get started."

Our Services

SeniorLink's aim is to provide information, services and assistance to SeniorLink's members and the broader senior and retiree audience. These services include:

  • Computer & Internet Training/Education
    Our training is conducted either in a 'one-on-one' environment or in group presentations and seminars. Our trainers are patient and understanding and use notes and tutorials that are written in 'plain English with no computer jargon'. Our training services are available in Sydney only.
  • Computer Club Membership
    SeniorLink provides an extensive and private computer club website which is full of hints and tips, courses, tutorials, free downloads and of course a HELP desk (email help desk) in case you get stuck! Membership and club access is provided in return for an annual fee.
  • Shopping
    Here we provide for sale separately, all the handouts, tutorials, books and other learning materials that we use in both the computer club and when we are out training.
Contact Us

We want to hear from you!!

If you would like any additional information on our services, which include: the computer club, one on one training, group training or you simply want to talk to us, please click here Contact Us:

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