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Adobe Acrobat Professional
Software: Adobe Acrobat Professional
Use: Software
Reviewer: George Kimpton
Date: January 2006

Adobe Creative Suite 2 Premium Browsers of the Internet will be familiar with the PDF file format and it is also very likely that when installing new software you have been exposed to the Acrobat format with, on disk, help files or installation instructions..

Up until this version Adobe Acrobat was a bit clunky, cumbersome and slow and it would sometimes give you a pain waiting for the files to pop up on the screen but with this new version Adobe has listened to the users and their comments. This version is very much faster than earlier ones and it has some very important added features.

Perhaps the most important addition is the ability to prepare a document and send it out to clients or co-workers for editing and comment. The recipient then has the power to add comments and suggested mods to the page and return it to the sender who can then decide whether to accept and / or modify the suggested changes before sending it off to print, the Internet or otherwise.

This editing applies to any recipient using the standard free download of Acrobat and thus they don’t need a full version to edit draft documents but they still cannot create new PDFs unless owning a full version.
It also has an update on print production tools with the ability to convert colours, preview separations, remap spot colours, flatten transparencies etc. and minimise prepress errors with regard to ink coverage, overprints etc.

Form design is made easier using the Adobe LiveCycle Designer 7.0 allowing you to create forms that look just like the real ones they replace. It is possible to incorporate such things as calculations and data validations thus giving you the ability to create very flexible forms.

Finding earlier PDF documents is easier as you can view a list of previously opened documents in thumbnail format making it easier to recognize them. It is also possible to drag and drop between related document collections.
It has also been made easier to attach such documents as spreadsheets, drawings and images plus multimedia.

Even the free downloadable version available to anyone, is much faster and I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly it had documents up and ready, when I recently downloaded it, on another computer, to compare performance with the full version.
Adobe have certainly put some effort into satisfying users requirements with this version which can be bought separately or as part of the CS2 pack, which is a more economical way to go, providing you have a use for the other programs in the package.
Free trial downloads are currently available if you want to test run it.


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