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Here at SeniorLink there are a number of ways that we can help you promote your business and/or services to our large membership and frequent visitors.

Firstly, if you want some information on visitor numbers, membership numbers or simply our standard advertising rates, simply make an enquiry via our Contact Us form and we'd be happy to provide you with this confidential information.

The following listing is simply a guide of some of the ways that we at SeniorLink can help you reach our members and visitors. If you have any other ideas, we'd be happy to discuss them with you. This is a great opportunity for you to reach an audience who are intelligent, interested and hungry for information.

Banner/Button Advertising

SeniorLink provides 3 different sizes of banners/tiles for you to choose from (as shown below). The banners run across the head of every page and the tiles run down the right hand side of each page.

Depending on what you looking for, both banners and tiles can be displayed either 'run of site' (ROS) across all of the SeniorLink website or they can be displayed only in the relevant channels that suit your needs.

The specifications for the banners and tiles are as follows:

  • Banner - 468x60 pixels. File size no larger than 20KB. Indicative price is $55 AUD (incl GST) per cpm ROS.
  • Button - 65x28 pixels. File size no larger than 3KB. Indicative price is $22 AUD (incl GST) per cpm ROS.
  • Tile - 120x60 pixels. File size no larger than 5KB. Indicative price is $33 AUD (incl GST) per cpm ROS.
Small Tile
For more info, email us via our Contact Us form
Member Newsletters

SeniorLink communicates with thousands of active members by e-mail newsletter on a regular basis. This permission-based marketing is a powerful form of communication.

You can sponsor any one of our monthly newsletters. Sponsorship includes a feature section with a description and hotlinks from the newsletter to your specially created feature page (see below) and then onto your website.

Sponsorship of our newsletters is a very cost effective way for you to reach many thousands of people. Past newsletters have seen click-through rates as high as 25% ! Indicative prices are $1,500 AUD (incl GST) per newsletter.

For more info, email us via our Contact Us form.

Discounts and Incentives

If you'd like to reach our audience by offering compelling discounts and incentives for your products and/or services, we can help you do that too!

For more info, email us via our Contact Us form.

Product Sampling

Have a great product you'd like people to know about? We can help you reach our audience with product sampling. This is just another powerful way you can interact with our audience.

For more info, email us via our Contact Us form.

Surveys & Focus Groups

Like to know what our audience think about your products, competitors or life in general? Surveys at SeniorLink are a great way to get in touch with what active over 50's are thinking. We can also help you arrange focus group participants from this demographic.

For more info, email us via our Contact Us form.

What We Won't Do
  • Have any association with or provide links, advertising or promotion to a site that is deemed to be disreputable or seen to be promoting illegal or inappropriate material.
    SeniorLink reserves the right to refuse any request for advertising or promotion that is inappropriate.
  • Rent or giveaway member's and website visitor's confidential details that are collected through the website to a third party.
  • Provide free, unsolicited and unreciprocated links to promote businesses and/or services.
SeniorLink reserves the right to change advertising rates at any time
Valued Sponsors


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