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Frequently Asked Questions
If you have a question, chances are it will be listed below. Please go through the following questions and simply click on the question that you require an answer to. By clicking on the question, you will immediately be shown the answer.

If you cannot find the answer to your question here, then please feel free to contact us via our feedback form.

I've lost my Username and my Password. How do I find out what they are?

If you have lost your Username and/or your Password the best way to find this information out instantly is to use the 'Forgot Password' page. It is located at:

My password doesn't seem to work. Why?

We have found that there are 2 main reasons why your Username and/or Password may not work when you try and Log-In to the Computer Club website.

How do I change my email address with you?

To change your email address or any details of your club membership, simply log into the computer club as you would normally do.

Then click on the 'Edit Account' option that is located towards the top left hand corner of the screen (next to the logo). Now follow the instructions that are on this page and you should be done.

Alternatively, you can click here: http://seniorlink.com.au/amember/member.php and make the changes instantly. Please note that you will need to supply your username and passowrd here to gain access to this page.

This is the place that you can also update your address and other details. The only things that you cannot change here are your username and your password. If you do want to change these, please contact us via our Contact Us form.

How do I unsubscribe from your membership?

To unsubscribe, send us an email to us via our Contact Us form stating your Username and the word UNSUBSCRIBE in the Subject line of the email and we will delete all your details from our database immediately, no questions asked.

Please be sure to include your SeniorLink Computer Club Username and your current email address so we can find you in our database. Please understand that once deleted, you will no longer have access to the club's website and you will have to rejoin if you wish to maintain your member's access.

How do I know that my information is secure?

Any information that is sent to us via the SeniorLink Computer Club website, particularly credit card details is sent via a secure, encrypted form, directly to our office and we definitely do not store any credit card details on line.

Is my private information safe with SeniorLink?

We value our newsletter readers and club members' privacy at all costs, so please be rest assured that we do not sell, give away any subscription or membership details to a 3rd party. From time to time, we collect private information from members to learn a little more about what members want and what interests etc that they may have. All this information is for SeniorLink's purposes ONLY. If you still have some concerns, please refer to our Privacy Policy. It can be found at: http://www.seniorlink.com.au/privacypolicy.shtml.

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