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Email Courses What are Email Courses, I hear you ask!

SeniorLink Email Courses are short (usually 3-5 days long) educational courses that have been written on a range of computer related topics.

Each course is delivered automatically to you via plain text email, with one new part delivered each day. As soon as you register for one of our courses, the first part will be sent to your Inbox IMMEDIATELY so that you can get started today!

We have provided below a free Email Course for you to try. This free course is actually one of the many courses that are available at SeniorLink's Computer Club. If you would like access to the full range of Email Courses that we have available, feel free to join our Computer Club today.

Of course, if you do not want to continue receiving the free course that we have offered, you can always unsubscribe at any stage by simply clicking on the 'Unsubscribe' link that appears at the bottom of each day's email/part.

Finally, each course has been written using our 'Plain English, No Techie Jargon' policy, so be rest assured that our Email Courses have been designed to help everybody from the beginner through to the advanced user.


FREE Email Course
Sign Up Here Backup or Not to Backup...That is the Question!
Backing up your irreplaceable files should be a common practise for everybody who owns a computer! Anybody who has 'lost the lot' due to a computer crash will agree. Learn to create your own backups here, before it's too late. (3 day course)
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Sign Up Here

About Computer Viruses
With virus activity almost out of control, now is the time to learn how to idenifity them, how to protect your computer and how to get rid of them if you get one.

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Other Courses (Computer Club Members Only)
Changing ISP's...We'll Show You How?
With the great ISP pricing plans available today, chances are you will want to change your ISP at some stage in the future. Here, we show you how to configure your computer to your new ISP easily and simply.
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Practise Good Computer Housekeeping!
By practising good computer housekeeping, you can keep your computer running efficiently and at the same time, minimise the chance of having a computer crash. Here we show you what 'defragging' means!
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Finding and Organising Your Files!
Have you ever lost an important "mustn't lose" file? If you have, you can appreciate that keeping your files in a proper filing system is vitally important. Here we show you how to organise and hopefully find your computer files easily.
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New Computer or Upgrading...What You Need to Know First!
This course is almost a list of 20 questions (with the answers) that you need to ask the sales assistant at your local computer shop BEFORE buying or upgrading to a new computer. We show you what to look out for and what to buy without the shop assistant 'techie speak'!
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