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FREE Newsletter
FREE Newsletter Subscribe Today!
(by adding your email address in the 'FREE Newsletter' Box on the right hand side of this page) you will also receive IMMEDIATELY one of our '10 Great Ways to…' tip sheets, ABSOLUTELY FREE!.
What are the '10 Great Ways to…” tips sheets all about?
When you subscribe to our FREE newsletter, we IMMEDIATELY send you details on how you can download one of our “10 Great Ways to…” tip sheets. These tips sheets are very popular and cover a broad range of popular topics. Past subjects have included:

10 Great Ways to…

  • beat spam mail
  • stop intruders looking in your computer
  • ensure that your antivirus software is protecting you
  • master a Search Engine
  • maximise your computers performance
  • loads more…
How often do you publish your FREE newsletter?
Our FREE newsletter, the SeniorLink Sentinel comes out monthly. Your first newsletter will be available to you immediately upon receiving our confirmation email.
Can I unsubscribe?
You can unsubscribe automatically and quickly at any time by clicking on the 'Unsubscribe' link that appears at the bottom of your newsletters.
Is my information / email address safe?
We only collect your email address for the purposes of sending you (as promised) our regular newsletter. We do not disclose or give to any third party your email address.
Do I need any special software to read your information?
Yes and No! ... Our first newsletter will require you to use Acrobat Reader software to read it, but then all subsequent newsletters will arrive in your Inbox as 'plain text' emails.

Our '10 Great Ways to' tip sheets, will also require you to use Acrobat Reader.

For further information on how to use Acrobat Reader and/or obtain your free copy of Acrobat Reader, click on the Acrobat Logo below. This software enables you to view 'Acrobat Portable Data Format' (pdf) files.

Acrobat Reader

Happy reading and thanks for subscribing to SeniorLink.

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