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Scrapbook Factory
Software: Scrapbook Factory
Use: Graphics/Images
Reviewer: George Kimpton
Date: May 2003
Scrapbook Factory When a special occasion like a birthday, anniversary or such like comes around, you may feel a need to create something special to make it more memorable. If it is a party, maybe a special personalised invitation card and envelope along with place cards for the guests. Maybe it is just a card that you require or perhaps a journal to record the happenings for a special day or holiday, but where do you start, and how do you do it.

If, like me, you know what looks good but are a bit short in the creative design department and need some where to start, Scrapbook Factory could be just the thing. We recently had it demonstrated at our Seniors Computer Club and the interest was overwhelming. There are just so many things you can do with this package.

Getting started you are offered the choice of twelve categories of craft or activity, Scrapbooks, Journals, Mini-Albums, Photo Projects, Photo Cards, Trading Cards, Stickers, T-Shirts and More, Family Tree, Slide Shows, Web Albums and Crafts.

Each of these topics break up into many choices offering pre designed templates that you can either accept, changing only the bare minimum such as a name and maybe inserting a photo or, you can literally rip them apart, putting your own stamp on them. As an example in the scrapbook category you have a choice of blank sheets, Events and Occasions, Everyday, Holidays and Seasons, Religious Occasions and Traditional 12 X 12, what ever that is. Selecting one of these categories brings up a range of colourful templates that have been professionally designed for maximum pleasure and effect.

Once you have selected a template you can then go in and change any part of it, adding your own pictures or using the excellent range of art work supplied, changing text and making it more colourful or selecting from a good range of fonts. Shadow and other effects are also available to give your masterpiece that special look.

Carrying out these changes is dead easy once you get the hang of it. Just point and click, drag or move. Admittedly I am one of those people who like to see how far I can get without the manual and it took me a few minutes to sort out how to edit a template, but once I did, it couldn’t have been easier. Of course if I had read the manual, it was all there, but even without this the program is a breeze to use. Double clicking on any object in a project opens up the work window and away you go.

Working with photos you are provided with a versatile work area which offers the more important tools for enhancing such as colour, brightness, contrast, dust and scratch, red eye, cropping, rotate and flip, drawing and colour fill plus special effects.

Provision is also made to scan a picture or download from a camera for your project. Mail merge is also available, particularly for personalised invitations and mail out envelopes.

Obviously not every occasion or happening is specifically catered for but the range of different projects is amazing and if you cannot find the perfect template, you can either modify existing ones to suit, or create from scratch.

In the Crafts Category you can choose from Children’s Activities, Craft Cards and General Crafts. In Children’s Activities you are offered Colouring Pages, Masks or Paper Airplanes. Just the thing to interest the grandkids when visiting.

In the General Crafts selection you can choose from Book Covers, Bookmarks, Gift Bags, Gift Baskets, Gift Boxes, Gift Can Labels, Mobiles, Origami, and others. Really if Craft is your game then there will be plenty here for you and it is so easy.

In most categories there are a wide range of formats that cater for just about every occasion, and again, if you can’t find one, then you can create from scratch, using the tools and art work provided. The templates supplied are certainly works of art and colourful, and will only require the insertion of either photos or clip art and a small change of text to personalise them.

Famous quotes are also provide if you want to insert some wisdom into your project.

This package is really good value for money at $69.95 RRP. About the only thing missing is Calendars and while it can be use to create Greeting Cards it falls short of the standard of packages specifically designed to create Greeting Cards but then you can’t have everything.


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