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Please feel free to have a look through the following testimonials and see what others have said about us! By clicking on the comment listed below, you will immediately be shown the full testimonial.

If you feel inspired to add your own comments, then please feel free to Email Us.

Pa - (Computer Club Member for 2 years)

Many, many thanks for the "Here's How To" tutorial / downloads. What a brilliant concept. I have bound all mine and indexed the subjects and I have thrown out all books containing relevent info.

Beryl - (Computer Club Member for 1 year)

The info is always spot on. Even virus warnings have been given before the general public have become aware of it. And the info about the patch that was needed to fix up a 'glitch' in the Microsoft technology was immediately passed on to Senior Link members . Well done !

Dedoche - (Member for 1 year)

I look the website several time a week and it's always something interesting in it. Congratulations and thank you very much for the newsletter which I just received, it is full of useful information and it's really designed for the senior well done and keep going ;-)

Dud - (Member for 6 months)

Just a cursory glance though what the site offers suggests that i will be spending a lot of time here! A GREAT SITE AND WHAT GREAT SEARCH EQUIPMENT -CONGRATS!!

Jo - (Computer Club Member for 1 year)

Thank you for your reminder and I would like to resubscribe to Seniorlink Computer Club. It has been very helpful to me and has brought me a lot of new friends and given me a new lease of life. Thanks to you all.

Gusa - (Computer Club Member for 2 years)

However when it comes time to renew my membership, I am all for it please renew it for me as you are the best information service that I have found and I am in touch with people all over the world through 'Seniorlink'.

Bertha - (Member for 1 year)

Fantastic site, first visit and it lasted for almost two hours. Most entertaining and so full of information with great links. Thanks.

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