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SeniorLink Computer User Guides "Computer and software textbooks confuse me and are obviously written for younger people who have grown up with computers!"
- Pat (club member)

Does this sound familiar?

So many people buy expensive computer textbooks only to find that their new textbook simply confuses them more.

The reason these textbooks are often written using confusing terms and hard to understand 'techno speak'! They are clearly not written in 'Plain English' and they are definitely not user friendly and would require professional editing services to decypher the content!

Here at SeniorLink, we identified this 'language barrier' as being one of the major reasons why many seniors (or anybody that has not grown up with computers) do not enjoy their computers as much as they should.

In response to this ever increasing problem, we have developed a series (the 'Here's how To' series) of short, easy to read, easily downloadable (sent by the internet to your computer immediately) user guides. They are only ever 2-3 pages in length, full of pictures that you can relate to and they are easy to print. Please feel free to download our sample 'Here's How To' user guide below, to see what we are talking about.

Currently, we have developed over 70 'Here's How To' user guides and more are being created every month.

To obtain your own set of SeniorLink's 'Here's How To' user guides, you can either: Join our Computer Club NOW and gain access to the FULL SET of 70 user guides (and growing!) immediately,


Buy the user guides individually. We now have a selected (and the most popular) range of user guides that are now available to be purchased for as little as $2.20 per user guide. To browse which guides we have available to buy, please see below or click here.

Free User Guide
Here's How To User Guide Here's How To... Use Favourites and Bookmarks
“What are favourites and bookmarks?

These are a simple way of storing important, useful and frequently used URLs so you don't have to remember the addresses off by heart. These can be organised into folders.”

Download here...

PLEASE NOTE: The 'Here's How To' User Guides have been created in 'Acrobat Portable Data Format' (pdf). To view or download the tip sheets you will need to have first installed a free copy of Acrobat Reader software. For further information on how to use Acrobat Reader and/or obtain your free copy of Acrobat Reader, click here: www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/readstep.html
User Guides Available for Downloading
Please find below a list of 20 of our most popular 'Here's How To' User Guides for you to download. To order, simply click on the link below each category to be taken to our SECURE order page.

All User Guides are $2.20 AUD (inc GST) unless otherwise indicated. Minimum order for credit card payment is $10.00

Windows Basics
  • Open, Minimise, Maximise, Restore, Scroll and Close a Window
  • Move and Resize a Window on the Desktop
  • Cut, Copy and Paste
  • Save and Save as
  • Rename and Delete a Folder or File
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Email Basics
  • File Emails in Folders
  • Send Attachments
  • Use Your Email Address Book
  • Compose Emails Offline
  • Save Attachments from Emails
Click here to order one or all of the above user guides...
Internet Basics
  • Use Favourites or Bookmarks
  • Search the Internet Using the Search Button
  • Download Files from the Internet
  • Use Internet Audio and Video
  • Find & Use Online Clipart
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Word Processing Basics
  • Use Templates
  • Format Text in a Word Document
  • Use Paragraphs and Indents
  • Create Columns
  • Create Headers and Footers
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